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fastdeck portable flooring

Outdoor – Indoor Fast and Easy Event Flooring

Fastdeck Portable Flooring is designed and manufactured in the USA and backed by the highest-rated customer service in the industry. Fastdeck is an extremely durable portable flooring system that is remarkably fast & easy to deploy and remove; no special tools or training is required.

Socket Lock-It™ Roll Up Floor

The incredibly strong, multi-patent pending, Socket Lock-It connection on system is self-aligning and a ‘snap’ to use. The whole portable roll- up floor system ‘snaps’ together with no tools, fasteners or special skill sets and removal is even faster. Anyone can do it! Fastdeck is the world’s easiest & fastest temporary flooring to deploy and remove, saving you money on costly labour.

Fastdeck has countless applications. It’s perfect for stadium turf protection, event and tent flooring, portable walkways, ice arena floor covering, military shelter flooring, portable vehicle access paths, or any other situation requiring a layer of protection between the ground and user.

Fastdeck simply ‘snaps’ together with no need for tools or expertise labour of any kind – and removal is just as easy.
The multi-patented Fastdeck design makes cleaning painless, just hose off the slip-resistant surface and you’re ready for the next event.

Fastdeck is the world’s easiest & fastest portable flooring system of it’s kind.
High quality and low cost ensures you a fast return on your investment.

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