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Vintage Car and a Harley Davidson Parked on a RaceDeck floored Home Garage

The Original Garage Flooring Tiles – Official RaceDeck® Australia

For all your garage and event flooring requirements, Garage Specialties selection of modular flooring is suitable for both professional and residential flooring applications with a wide variety of flooring types, styles and colours. Garage Specialties supplies quality modular flooring by Snaplock USA, which is manufactured in the USA to strict quality standards and designed to work in most heavy traffic and harsh environments.

Garage Specialties carry a vast range of Racedeck products including Snaplock Event Flooring. We have a wide selection of colours and styles available in our warehouse.


What is RaceDeck?

RaceDeck – a division of Snaplock Industries located in USA is a manufacturer of modular flooring tiles for garage, car shows and events. The patented flooring tiles from RaceDeck are often credited to have started the modern modular flooring industry and continues to bestselling garage flooring system around the world.

Why Choose RaceDeck?

RaceDeck is engineered to withstand the toughest garage environments and delivers the coolest and the most professional look. The High-end style of RaceDeck flooring tiles provides a polished look without any paint, decals. The tiles are also engineered to withstand up to 35,000 kilograms of rolling load while allowing air and moisture to escape.

RaceDeck Australia

Garage Specialties is an exclusive Australian distributor and one of the first importers of RaceDeck to Australia. We carry a significant stock holding in our Sydney warehouse and have the ability to manufacture and airfreight products on short lead time from USA.

To ensure maximum quality and durability, always choose an authorised distributor.

To see our full range, click here or go to our product page. For inquiries please write to us at or use our contact form or call us at 0418 408 010.

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