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Free-Flow Flooring is a popular choice with race teams, off-road enthusiasts, and commercial garages. It’s the ideal choice for wet, muddy and snowy climates. Free-Flow is ideal for any outdoor exhibition, Free-Flow is fast and easy to lay and disassemble and is strong and reusable perfect for your next show. Our patented self-draining top and channelled under structure allows for maximum air-flow and drainage. Use Free-Flow over a drain, as a cleaning station, or on the entire floor to help keep your shop or garage dry.

The Key Benefits of Free-Flow:

  • High-End Style – Provides a polished and professional look with a showroom finish without paint or decals.
  • Self-Draining – Maximum airflow and drainage of liquids and debris.
  • Modular Design – Engineered to create a custom garage floor for virtually any size.
  • Easy-to-Clean Surface – Resistant to petroleum products and most chemicals.
  • Patented PowerLock® Technology – Flooring modules lock in place and stay engaged.
  • High Performance Patented Diamond Substructure – Supports rolling loads of over 35,000 Kilograms while allowing air and moisture to escape.
  • Compatible With All RaceDeck Garage Flooring – mix and match styles for a truly original, custom garage floor.
  • Made in the USA – Flooring garages worldwide.
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